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Talented Mare Finishes Her Work Without Her Rider!

Horses can do incredible things and this story is another proof of that. Probably most of you will fall in love with the gorgeous mare from the video footage beneath this text. She really is amazing!

Shine Di Light the mare was performing with her owner, Gianna Hansen, when suddenly something unexpected has happened. This beautiful mare has lost her rider, but anyway she continued with her self-directed performance and managed to make two fence turns, finishing all on her own.

Of course everyone was impressed by that, and the good news was that nobody got hurt. She has done an awesome job and Gianna was so proud of her talented mare. Clearly, Shine Di Light loves what she does, and that’s why she is unstoppable.

She loves her job and she is well-trained to finish her work without a rider! Horses should enjoy as much as the audience does in their performance, don’t you agree?!

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