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Watch A 12 Year Old Secretariat Run Like A Colt! Video Below!

A wonderful video where we can all experience the vitality and strength of the 12-year-old Secretariat. He was filmed in his domain at Claiborne Farm when he was a colt. Secretariat was the first Triple Crown Thoroughbred racehorse winner which makes him one of the greatest racehorses in the history of racing.

In 1974, he was elected to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. His biggest opponent was Man O’War, but no one could take Secretariat’s place. People used to say that he was moving like a tremendous machine!

Unfortunately, Secretariat finished his career in 1989. His health condition got really serious and euthanasia was inevitable. We hope that horse lovers will enjoy while watching this rare video of a true legend.

Like a child at play, Secretariat loves to run and there is no doubt that he truly had one big heart! Enjoy.

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