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Two Horses Rescued By Kind People During Wildfire In Squirrel Valley!

Fire is something we should not play with and from an early age most of us learn to stay away from fire and when it is necessary to call the appropriate people to handle it. Sadly, a fire that breaks out of nature isn’t always containable.

Not long ago, a massive fire swept through Lake Isabella, CA’s, Squirrel Valley and very quickly it became uncontrollable. People and animals were feeling helpless and nearly 200 homes were damaged. A team of kind people managed to save two horses who were trapped in the wildfire. Thanks to them, those horses escaped the fire without a scratch!

They allowed the people to help them after roaming around the area looking for a way to get out. In the video footage beneath this text, you can see the rescuing operation of the horses and the way they say thank you to those drivers. A little kindness will always make a huge difference and luckily there are still some good people out there!

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