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One Of The Most Perfect Arabian Horses! Tribute Video!

The amazing Arabian named Khemosabi was born in May and he was a striking baby colt. Horse lovers loved this amazing Arabian who later became the 1973 US National Champion Stallion!

In 1975 he was the National Western Pleasure Champion and in 1976 he became the Canadian National Western Pleasure Champion. Khemosabi was the favorite horse of many people because he was a love at first sight and they could not help it. The audience was enjoying while watching his performance because he knew how to make a show.

The video footage beneath this text is called “One More Day With Khemosabi” and there is nothing more beautiful than to see this Arab prancing down to the breeding barn, a dance that will become your favorite. This pleasant horse was a very pre-potent sire, well-mannered and beautiful. Horse lovers will never forget Khemosabi, one of the most perfect Arab types ever!

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