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This Is What A “Bad Day” Means… Bloopers 2011!

Horse bloopers 2011- going through hell. This is what a “bad day” means… the riders and the horses from the video footage beneath this text are having one of those days when nothing goes the way it was planned. It is a compilation of a variety of events from 2011.

Please keep your negative comments for yourself because they are not welcomed here. You see only a moment and you don’t know the whole story, so let’s not be judgmental!

Most of the bloopers in this video are from schooling shows and we should not criticize the riders because they are probably still learning. We won’t tolerate any negative critic because there are many reasons why some of the riders fell off or the horse refused to jump.

Sometimes dressage can go really wrong, but let’s stay positive and smile because we’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with riding. Enjoy the video!

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