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Rollkur Is Not Natural Or Comfortbale For The Horse!

Rollkur is not beneficial to a horse physically or mentally. This over-bending, absolute elevation and over flexion is only beneficial for the human because he will skip steps in training and take the win.

Rollkur can cause inflammation, breathing problems, nerve, back and neck pain, acute and chronic pain, and vision limitations…that’s the real story behind Rollkur! There is also a risk of teeth and skull damage, and muscle soreness.

The problem is that Rollkur puts the horse on the forehead and out of balance, and the final result is a fake collection and a hollow back because the horse has to compensate with other muscles. The horse will soon become frustrated and unhappy because of these head positions, and he will mentally shut down.

In order to carry their head in the desired position, the horses are pulled, kicked and abused only to avoid pain. That’s not natural or comfortable at all. You can see what are we talking about in the video footage beneath this text!

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