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Patrick Swayze Was Fascinated With Arabian Horses! Video Below!

Tammen was the name of Patrick Swayze’s favorite stallion. This great actor loved Arabian horses, but this one, in particular, was special for him. A part of his life, Swayze committed to this amazing creatures. He expressed his passion for horses in the best way he could and in the video footage beneath this text, you can watch him presenting his champion stallion, Tammen!

“Beauty beyond compare”, is what Swayze considered Tammen to be and the two of them had a remarkable relationship. Tammen gave his best to give something in return for the love he was receiving. He knew how respected and loved he was and wanted to give back what he got.

Swayze shared that he is so fond of this horses because they are beautiful. He liked everything about them- the proud trot, the shape of their head, the harmonious physique and their balance. According to Swayze, Arabian horses are built for function and he is sure about that because he is a dancer.

He can recognize when a body is made with function in mind. Clearly, he is fascinated with this breed and you can see for yourself by watching this video. Enjoy!

Tammen 😍🍇

Posted by Abdulrahman M. Al Sowadi on Monday, December 18, 2017

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