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Olivia Inglis Passed Away While Riding!

During the Three Day Event Championship in Australia, Olivia Inglis, a 17-year-old equestrian and her horse, Coriolanus, lost their lives in an accident. That was shocking news for the horse community and a sad day for everyone who knew this pair.

The news about this unpleasant event spread around very fast and people around the world shared photos in Olivia’s loving memory. They wanted to honor her and in just three days there were over 3 million shares. As a tribute for Olivia, her family managed to make a mosaic from the photos because horses were her biggest love and her life.

She had great plans for the future, but accidents happen in the horse sport and you can’t predict them. In the photo beneath this text you can see Olivia and Coriolanus! #RideForOlivia

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