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Newborn Horse Syndrome Suggests Links To Childhood Autism

UC Davis Equine veterinarians have discovered a simple treatment for the newborn horse syndrome. They’ve been tracking the cause of a set of bizarre and lethal behaviors in newborn horses and now they suspect the disorder is caused by the foal’s failure to fully transition from the womb to the conscious world.

Right now, they are working with colleagues in human medicine in order to explore possible links to childhood autism. In the video footage beneath this text, Ellen Jackson, a horse owner, shares her experience with this sort of case. As she said, it is a large investment to raise a horse, and their goal is to see every foal bright and alert, aware of the environment, and sticking close to his mother.

The most important thing, according to Professor John Madigan (UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine), is that the foal moves away from people because that’s the normal response we must see. They are prey animals and if the foal doesn’t behave like that, then something is wrong with him.

It could be an infection or the syndrome that we’ve talked about previously- maladjusted foal. A research has shown that the cause is not low oxygen, but the hormones that keep them asleep in the womb. There is more about this story in the video footage beneath this text!

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