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Must See This Video, If You Think That Riding Horses Is Easy!

Some people believe that riding horses is very easy, and that you don’t need training and learning lessons. The video footage beneath this text is made by 13-year-old girl and if you are among those people that we mention at the beginning, please watch this video!

Also, watching this video will be a great pleasure for horse lovers, because it is all about the intensity of horseback riding. Unfortunately, there are many people who are convinced that horse riding is not a sport. For them it is easy to get on the horse and do nothing. You don’t need skills or practice because it is a harmless sport and horses are weak creatures. We must disagree with that.

Only equestrians know how hard it is to handle a horse, and to them it is not just sitting. Not anyone can do that. The questions are: “Have you trusted something with a mind of its own. An unpredictable animal? Have you fallen 7ft from a 35mph machine? Have you felt like you could die from one little mistake? Done a dance with something that speaks a different language?” Find out more by watching the video!

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