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Horse Collapses During London New Year’s Day Parade!

What happened in London during the New Year’s Parade, really shocked the crowd and the horse community. It is not a good way to start the New Year and luckily, nothing serious happened to that gorgeous stallion.

People gathered around the horse after he slipped and ended up on the ground. They’ve wanted to see what’s going on with Marty the white stallion.Marty’s accident has nothing to do with his health. The stallion is fit and in good health, and there is nothing to be concerned about, shared Director Geraldine Bone.

Fran Perrow who was a witness at the scene shared that the situation was very distressing and that Marty was lying on the ground for five minutes. However, Marty is in good condition and he didn’t suffer any injuries. He is back at work and munching carrots!

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