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“Gangnam Style” Freestyle Reining Causes Internet Outrage!

Freestyle performances can be really entertaining, and horse lovers love them only when the horse is getting a proper treatment. The video footage beneath this text has caused Internet outrage, and all the reactions where towards the way that horse was treated!

Probably that’s not the best way to treat your horse, don’t you think?! Their “Gangnam Style” performance has been amazing, and the audience at the National Western Stockshow’s Freestyle Reining enjoyed while watching them. But, did you see how hard the rider was kicking the horse? It is unbelievable!

That horse is really good in what he does, and his rider is still hurting him with those spurs he is wearing! This gorgeous horse can end up with a swaying back, because jumping on the saddle is really hard for him.

Lots of nerves and his spine could be also damaged, and that’s why we are saying that this horse is mistreated. Find out more by watching the video.

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