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Funny Horse Bloopers: Mistakes Can Happen And The Fun Is There!

Mistakes happen all the time while horse riding and all the fun is there, don’t you agree?! Even the best riders and horses have had an accident because from time to time they also make mistakes.

The truth is that we can’t predict every moment and it is normal for unpredictable situations to happen. Surprises are always around the corner and in the video footage beneath this text, you’ll have an opportunity to watch a compilation of horse bloopers.

Try to see the funny side in every situation from the video because that’s our goal- to make you smile and to identify the mistakes. Please don’t criticize the riders and horses from this video because you don’t know all the circumstances. A lot of things must be considered before you criticize somebody or something.

Those riders are not bad riders and they are probably having a bad day. Enjoy the video!

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