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Equine Extreme Breeding: Beautiful Or Ugly? Pictures Below!

El Ray Magnum has been bred by US-based Orrion Farms and he is a purebred Arabian horse. Photos from this 9-month-old horse have been shared on the farm’s website and there were all kinds of comments. Some people commented that El Ray Magnum looks wonderful and others have been horrified by its appearance.

This Arabian horse has an extremely long neck, widely spaced eyes and a elongated nose, wide flared nostrils. According to Doug Leadley, Orrion’s breeding advisor, El Ray Magnum is close to perfection, but not everyone agrees with his opinion!

“Breeders have taken things too far”, that’s the opinion of horse experts, enthusiasts and others about El Ray Magnum’s distorted features. The president of the British Equine Veterinary Association said that he doesn’t like El Ray Magnum at all and that it’s almost cartoon-like.

In Tim Greet’s (UK equine expert) opinion, this Arabian horse looks truly horrific and it took things to a ridiculous level. He added that he suspects exercise would definitely be limited for this horse because of its deformity but one vet confirmed that El Ray has no respiratory issues!

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