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This Man Didn’t Expect A Kiss From That Horse – Awesome Video!

A man kissed horse, horse kissed a man- that’s the story of the video footage beneath this text. The man took a selfie of that precious moment and it was all over the social media. Horses are intelligent creatures and horse lovers know that.

They can easily recognize if someone loves them or not, but we didn’t know that they can respond so quickly to a kiss. This horse will make your day for sure!

It is a short video but a great proof that animals can feel affection. We bet that the man from this video didn’t expect to get a kiss in return, he just wanted to take a picture from the visit and he kissed a horse. That loving animal kissed him right back and he captured that moment.

How amazing is that?! He looks stunned by the reaction from the horse and could not believe what just happened. Enjoy the video.

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