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Daily Archives: August 7, 2018

Amish Buggies Destroying Newly Paved Roads

Rural Daviess County,Washington, Indiana, has over 600 miles of gravel road and that number shows that it has more gravel roads than other counties in the country. The county has spent over $1.2 million for paving previously gravel roads and they’ve improved their look by utilizing grant money! The thing …

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Legendary Poco Bueno In A Rare Video!

The gorgeous stallion Poco Bueno is a well-known horse among horse lovers, and one thing is for sure – he will never be forgotten! This Quarter horse stallion has left an impressive mark on Quarter Horse history, and in the video footage beneath this text you can see of what …

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Horses Can Be Really Funny!

Horses can be friendly, fabulous, faithful, fearful, fantastic … and FUNNY! You can always add this adjective to their description, because they’ve proven to be hillarious so many times. On YouTube you can find funny horse videos if you want to improve your mood and here are few of them. …

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