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This Amazing Girl Trained Her Dairy Cow To Jump! Incredible Video!

Dreams come true when you believe in them and the girl from this story find her own way to make them a reality. She really wanted to own a horse, but her parents could not afford one, so she found an alternative. The 11-year-old Hannah Simpson started training one of the cows from their farm. Her goal was to ride and teach her cow to jump over obstacles, and no matter how strange it sounds, it really is entertaining to watch Hannah and Leila having the time of their lives!

Leila is a 7-year-old Swiss Brown cow and she and Hannah have a strong relationship based on trust and respect. It might look easy to ride a cow when you see this young girl doing it, but it is not as it looks. The truth is that it took her a lot of time to reach her goal, but every effort she made was worth it. As she said, once you are on a cow, you just don’t want to get off it.

Her dairy cow made her dreams come true and these days as an 18-year-old girl, Hannah is taking daily rides with her loyal friend and partner in crime, Leila. You’ll enjoy while watching this video and feel free to share it with other animal lovers. Go riding and take care of animals!

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