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Great Man Took Care Of A Young Foal In Trouble! Video Below!

Humanity returns hope and this story is a great example of how we can change things with a simple act of kindness. The man that you are about to see in this video noticed a young foal in trouble and he instantly stopped his car to help him. The poor little horse wasn’t able to get up and stand on her feet.

She was on the side of a road and luckily this man reacted when he saw that something was wrong with her. This good-hearted driver saved her life. It was really dangerous for her to stand like that on the road and he ws aware that something must be done.

The foal’s mother was also on the road and she was standing behind her baby the entire time. He had to be careful and could not act freely because as you may know, mares are very protective and they will probably react once you touch their baby. So, the Samaritan took really good care of the foal who was stuck in that hole.

It is so good to know that there are still people who are willing to help and make this world a better place for animals. That mare could feel that this man was there to help them and she just stood and waited patiently for her baby to get up on its feet again. This man did a wonderful thing by saving a gorgeous foal and we should all follow his example and be kind. Enjoy the video and raise awareness!

Good Samaritan helps young foal – Ross Penton

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