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Untamed Falabella Pony Attacked A Man And Made A Large Wound On His Back! Stupid Mistake!

A man tried to ride a miniature horse during a friend’s birthday party and it was a painful experience he won’t forget. His attempt didn’t end up well and in the video footage beneath this text he is showing is scars.

Falabella ponies are the smallest of this horse breed, shared Tammie Cappuccio who is a Falabella breeder. Their average height is 20 inches and can go up to 38 inches which is a size of a dog. Federico Mizi Timi and Gaston Fidel were on a birthday party organized by Jonathan Pasqualini and somehow they’ve come up with an idea to ride Jonathan’s ponies.

Gaston chose Negro, the Falabella pony who was little over 2 feet tall and weighs only 110 pounds. Gaston was 5.9 foot tall and weighs 170 pounds, which means that these ponies are a way to small for an adult to ride them. Gaston underestimated that animal and he got a life lesson for his bad decision. That pony was terrified and you can see that from his running and his wide-opened mouth. Negro bucked Gaston off into the dirt and started biting his back. Cappuccio shared that she has never seen an attack like this one!

There was a large bite wound on Gaston’s back and he was bleeding, so they took him to the hospital where the bite was disinfected. He still has the scars on his back and as he said that bite was like a punch in the abdomen. He admitted that it was a stupid thing to do and that it was their fault.

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