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Incredible Rider Handles His Bucking Horse! Video Below!

Western movies are exciting and horse lovers enjoy while watching them. So, if you are a fan of Western movies make sure you don’t miss the video footage beneath this text. It is a scene in which a horse goes crazy while they were filming the movie. I must say that the rider was amazing and did a great job.

He stayed on the back of the horse and showed everyone how to stay on a bucking horse! It is a mistake to gallop straight towards the barn and probably that was the reason for the horse’s reaction. Luckily, this rider knew what to do and managed not to fall off the horse.

He showed great strength by staying on the horse while the saddle was slipping away. Seeing him handling the situation like this is a great proof of how much he knows about riding. We can’t deny that he is experienced and what he did was impressive!

According to more experienced riders, when a horse behaves like this you need to grab one side of the rein, crank the horse’s head to the side until their nose is touching your leg and hold it like that. At that point, you should wait for your horse to calm down and give up. Repeat the process if needed! Learn more from the video below!

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