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Mood Swings Can Be A Sign Of Serious Issues! Don’t Ignore Your Horse’s Behavior!

Horses have good and bad days same as people do and there are few reasons that cause such mood swings. There are a handful of techniques that would help you to encourage your horse and improve its mood and remember, you must never ignore the equine’s highs and lows!

MEDICAL CONDITIONS. Your horse has been always happy and motivated, and all of a sudden he has begun to experience fluctuations in mood. Immediately call your veterinarian who will help you rule out the pain or illness.

ANXIETY AND STRESS. Travel, illness, injury, social situations, training, and dietary changes are the most common causes of stress. Decreased performance, mood swings, and behavioral changes are signs that your horse is anxious.

HORMONAL CHANGES. Hormones and abnormal levels of thyroid and adrenal hormones can cause emotional changes, especially in mares. In order to maintain hormonal balance, you must stick to a predictable daily routine.

SLEEP CONDITIONS. Horses can experience symptoms of sleep deprivation if they get less than 60 minutes of REM sleep a day for a week or more. When the animal is unable to lay down probably sleep deprivation will occur and he will experience physical discomfort.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS. Think about everything that’s happening around your horse, especially when the mood swings occur- weather, diet, activities, location, etc.

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