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Horses Are One Of The Most Abused Animals In The USA!

Unfortunately, horses are among the most commonly abused animals in the USA. We can’t say exactly how many horses are being neglected or abused because most state and federal agencies in the USA don’t gather animal abuse statistics.

However, we can discuss the meaning of horses’ mistreatment and take a look at the future. Over 33% of US communities will offer data to the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report and in that data collection there will be neglect, organized abuse, intentional abuse, and sexual abuse.

DOMESTIC ABUSE AND HORSE NEGLECT. The Humane Society has gathered data which shows a connection between domestic violence and horse neglect. Abusers who mistreat their family members will mistreat their animals too. There are so many forms of abuse and neglect, intentional or unintentional. In 88% of the child abuse cases, there is at least one animal abuse case. Every year, 250,000 animals are affected by the practice of animal hoarding in the USA.

HOW TO STOP HORSE NEGLECT AND ABUSE. Speak up when you see something. Don’t ignore the fact that something wrong is happening. Each state in America has implemented felony charges for those who abuse animals.

The problem is that in 4 states in the US, people can be charged with an animal abuse felony after a first conviction. Animal abusers are able to plea-bargain their case to lower charges in 7 states in the US because they don’t have a zero-tolerance policy. Many states only address severe cruelty issues and do not consider livestock to be part of their animal cruelty laws.

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