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4-Year-Old Stallion Survived The Cottonwood Fire!

A 4-year-old stallion has been badly burned in fires, to be more specific he sustained third-degree burns. It happened during the Cottonwood Fire, California, and the horse’s owner didn’t have the means to provide the proper care for her stallion, “The Boss”.

But, she didn’t want to put him down, so Taylor Bartley decided to take care of the stallion! She did everything she could to eliminate his pain, and with the help from her friend, Ira Master, she applied burn cream and administrated antibiotics on daily basis.

The Boss was making a great recovery, his skin started to slough off and new skin grew in. He was making steady progress, despite the fact that he would never make a full recovery.

He may lose his left eye, and may never be rideable, but he is alive, gaining weight and impresses everyone with his spirit, and kindness!

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