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The World’s Biggest Rider Frighteners!

Just one look at them and it is enough to make us think how this is possible without being hurt or injured but there are horses and riders that do these kinds of things despite the hardships they come across. What you are going to read about in brief is 12 ride frighteners from around the world which personally I would not dare try. Would you be willing to take these on?

1. The six-bar, Madrid, Spain

As sums of money go up so does the fence as riders have to jump over 2 meters and that is not easy at all.

2. Becher’s Brook in the Grand National, Aintree 
Named after Captain Becher, who fell at this fence in 1839, the dimensions of Aintree’s most famous fence have been altered considerably in recent years due to safety concerns. But, with a 4ft10 in brush, 6ft9in drop and a 0.61m brook on the landing side, jockeys still pay fence six the utmost respect.

3. Hickstead Derby Bank

It is quite a vertical drop and it requires a lot of skill and courage to pass this. No wonder it is terrifying.

4. Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hedges

This is what is considered a black run and as you see it is really intimidating. Just go ahead without looking down.

5. The Cottesmore Leap at Burghley Horse Trials

This fence epitomises the term rider frightener. With a ditch of 3m and a maximum-height 1.45m brush, it requires a good stride a quite a speed to clear the obstacle.

6. Double hedge, Merano racecourse, Italy

This series takes in 11 fearsome cross-country steeplechases including Cheltenham, the Velka Pardubicka in the Czech Republic and all this just for the sake of money.

7. The quadruple bar, Athens Olympics, 2004 
Triple bars are a common occurrence in showjumping and, despite the width, they jump extremely well. But the rules go out the window come the Olympics and in Athens riders were faced with a triple set of planks — with a square pole on top for good measure, taking it to the maximum 2.2m (7ft2in) width. Luckily for Nick Skelton, the great Arko III took it in his stride.

8. The jaw-dropping drops in the Pytchley team chase 
Such an undulated terrain is never seen and all this is about is the drop. Would you just sit back and ride?

9. The puissance wall

The highest wall ever jumped is 2.40m (over 7ft10in) but even your “average” puissance class will still progress to a towering 2m-plus round, making it one of the biggest tests of horse and rider.

10. Vicarage Vee at Badminton 
“This is the worst fence in the world — I don’t think you’ll find anyone who will want to jump it. It’s a big jump but there are lots of other big jumps. The width isn’t a problem, it’s the ditch and angle that makes it such a rider frightener.” said Zara Phillips about the Vicarage Vee while walking the 2016 Badminton track.

11. Taxis Ditch, Velka Pardubicka, Czech Republic 
This country race includes 31 obstacles and the hardest is the Taxis Ditch. The hedge alone is 1.50m with a vast 1m deep trench on the landing side.

12. And the last…

Sara Gallop’s gelding Summerhouse Zelham proved he can go over the whiteboards which are the scariest things of dressage riders. Who said that horses need riders?! They can do anything on their own…

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