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20 Years Old Mule Jumps Over 5 Feet By Leaving The Audience In Disbelief

At the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, an amazing mule called Radar set a new arena record which was a huge surprise for everyone who attended the event. It was an annual coon jumping contest and Radar made a spectacular show by jumping over 5 feet!

What makes him even more special is the fact that he is over 20 years old which lead us to the conclusion that he loves what he does and that’s why he is so good at it. He just waits for his owner’s commands and reacts properly while the crowd cheers out of thrill.

Most of the judges of these events have seen Radar and his owner in preparation before, and after the jump and they are glad for having the opportunity to meet an incredible mule like he is.

Karen Craighead, a judge of the MO State Fair shared that Radar is a mule who really loves its job, despite that he is more than 20-years-old. According to Deb Collins Kidwell who is also a judge, Radar is one of those mules who love to jump and there is no need to worry about him being injured.

The ground surfaces he’s been jumping on were soft and there was no way he could injure his feet, said Kidwell. Watch this amazing video of Radar!

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