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Billy – Last Surviving Black Beauty Is Still Going Strong!

It is amazing to know that one of the horses starring in the movie “Black Beauty” in 1994 is still alive. He is now 28 and still amazing and gorgeous, living in Wales and being taken really good care by the owner. Louise Maryon, who worked on the film, says, “I spent six months sewing false manes in and sticking stars on but I can’t watch the film because it’s so sad.”

Mis Maryon now does not work in the film industry but breeds, shows and judges Arab horses as she is thought to be an expert on that. As she saw Billy during the shooting of the film she immediately felt a close connection to it, as she says, “I fell in love with Billy.” That is why she bought him even though the company was going to sell him to a film
horse supplier. “He’s been my riding horse, done a bit of showing in foreign breed classes and some film work,” she said.

This amazing horse is never going to be forgotten because of his role in Black Beauty. “When we took him to the Arab National Horse Society show three years ago he was mobbed,” remembers Miss Maryon. Billy had not been in public for 15 years and was quite normal for him to give an emotional performance but Billy was excellent and did not do a mistake. “Billy is very stoic, nothing frightens him. So many people remember him as a special part of their childhood,” said his owner.

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