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The Story Of Doc Bar – That One Horse Who Changed An Entire Breed Forever!

Doc Bar is the most famous Quarter Horse in American History. He was born in 1956 in the ranch owned by Tom Finley. The owner had high expectation from Doc Bar and groomed it to be a star racer but Doc Bar was not made for that and his dream was shattered.


But who would have thought that Doc Bar would end up being a halter horse, a cutting horse and a sire? He transformed the entire breed even though it was not a typical quarter horse. According to Western Horseman the appearance of the horse shed light on his ability.

The article indicated, “He was deep through the heart, clean in the throatlatch, had little fox ears, and a beautiful head that he probably inherited from his dam’s sire, Texas Dandy.” Even though he was not made to race he moved swiftly to manage cattle and his small size allowed ropers to capture a calf easily without getting seriously injured.

Doc Bar went on to win 12 first place races and one-second place in halter horse competitions. About.com indicates that during Doc Bar’s brief showing career he won 10 grand and reserve championships. It was the strength, power, and ability of the horse that led to the decision of using Doc Bar as a sire and since then, many breeders strive to incorporate the Doc Bar lineage into their breeding program.

Doc Bar is the proof that failure in a certain breed means that it is born to do other bigger things. Doc Bar is one of them!

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