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Gestures Can Have A Great Effect On Our Communication With Horses

Our body language is very important while communicating with horses and that’s why we need to know how to position our bodies and what kind of gestures to use in order to get along with these precious animals. By using their body language horses send messages to us and we must not ignore those signs. Otherwise, we put ourselves at big risk and we won’t be able to set up a lasting relationship with them. So, it is simple: if you want to be friends with your horse you must speak and understand their language!

Do you know what a pinner ear or lifted head means? It means that the horse wants you to leave him alone. This is only one of the examples, and if you pay enough attention to your horse you’ll learn a lot more about their gestures and the way they talk to us.

As we’ve said in the beginning, your body position is very important when approaching a horse. By the way we use our bodies we can tell the horse to come to us or to go away. For example, the X position is telling the horse to go away, and that is when we stay with open arms away from the shoulders and legs slightly apart.

You should know this in order not to make the wrong gesture. The O shape is the position that tells the horse to come to us. All we need to do is make a circle with our arms low in front of our body. Great for establishing a good initial contact. Take care of horses and go riding!

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