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Young Baby Foal Trained And Ridden Causes Internet Outrage!

Douglass Todd, a Tennessee Walker Trainer, has been spotted riding a 16-month-old foal and photos of him riding the foal have been widely circulating in the social media and mainly on Facebook.

It is really an abusive behavior and no veterinarian can give the permission to ride a 16-month-old foal in all its gear. From the pictures that are circulating in the social media, many people also think that this poor foal has been sored and we all know what soring means.

This cute little foal does not deserve to be inflicted with pain since a very young age and trainers wait the minimum of 2 years to start the training and some of them wait till the horse is 4. It seems that Douglass Todd does not want to wait but is immediately thinking about the profits this foal can get him. Share this to raise awareness about horse abuse!

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