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Little Girl’s $350 Untamed Filly Became A Champion! Incredible Story!

Horses are extraordinary animals and if you give them your love, and some of your time they are ready to do everything you ask them to. If you are willing to respect, understand, and care for your horse you’ll experience an amazing success and this story is all about that.

Saddie was an untamed filly and she was sold for $350 to a family that never had a horse. She became Kelly’s first horse and it was a big challenge for the entire family because they came from the city and knew nothing about horses. What made them buy a horse was the desire to own one which turned out to be a great decision!

At the start, it was very difficult for Kelly to approach her new horse because Saddie was terrified. Kelly was only 8-years-old and she had to deal with an aggressive and agitated horse. All she wanted was her horse to trust her and it took her a lot of time to accomplish that. When they finally started training together things got better for both of them. They’ve learned so many things from one another like gratitude, trust, responsibility, and never parted.

As the years passed their relationship grew stronger and they started winning awards. They even won the 2007 Pinto World Championship which was their biggest success. Kelly never expected those wonderful things to happen because her goal was to have a sincere bond with Saddie, not the trophies.

Their story inspired so many horse lovers and proved that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have a great horse. Dreams come true when your heart know what love is. Inspire yourself and go riding!

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