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Pat Parelli Abuses Horse “Catwalk” at Natural Horsemanship Demonstration! Video Below!

Unfortunately, most horse owners are not real horse people. These people board or rent horses or have some one else train their horses. Just because you own a horse/horses or a ranch doesn’t make you a real cowgirl/cowboy/horse rancher or cattle ranches.

For whatever reason the Parneli’s did what they did, I sure the finally resolves was the horse came through a much better more respectful horse. Just ask yourself this question what is better tuning up a horse and making it a better safer horse or letting it get worst, hurt or kill someone, then being sold for slaughter. People watch horses in a herd they kick and bit each other very hard. If they kicked or bit us like that it would kill us.

Passive, persistence in horse training might be Pat Parelli’s motto, but he didn’t show it at the Festival of the Horse. Robert Whitaker’s horse Catwalk didn’t like his bridle being put on, but Pat Parelli tried to force the horse with a rope and twitch in a session that lasted over 2 hours at Stoneleigh Park in the UK. Rope halters, lead lines, the carrot stick, and the Parelli method can be used for good or bad. This is not natural horsemanship. Do it natural…

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