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Panicked Thoroughbred On The Racetrack!

There are truly some amazing examples of great horsemanship and this story is one of them. Laura Cheshire managed to lead her horse to safety after the bridle broke mid-race. It has been a true show of skills and trust between the partners!

Her bridleless ride has amazed everyone, because she was in the track racing to the win at full speed, and that’s not fun. She had to do whatever she could when her bit broke. She managed to guide her horse, Secret Blend, to safety.

Laura had to catch the reins when the bridle broke, because otherwise Secret Blend could get tangled and fall. Other riders gave her space as soon as they noticed her predicament. The Thoroughbred sprinted on when one of the riders tried to help Laura.

She had to steer him toward the rail, and when she managed to do that she leaped off the saddle and wrapped one f the reins around his nose. Then she’s lead him back and out of the track. Before she could take back control, they had to ran three laps until the horse got finally exhausted. Her skills and quick thinking saved them both!

Stewards footage from yesterday.. this song played when I got in my car to drive home and the relief was strong that myself and Exo (Secret Blend) both came away without a scratch. We are purple and white barrier 11. Blessed that I was able to wake up and ride trackwork this morning. Last pic is the boy and I this morning. He is tired but well. Three laps he really deserves to sleep for a week! ❤️❤️ #jockeylife #luck #stickwiththeship #threelapsnobridle

Posted by Laura Cheshire on Saturday, August 26, 2017

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