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This Is How All Horses Should Live! Amazing Video!

Connecting with equines as spiritual equals, healers and teachers is something we should all desire as a way of interaction with these amazing creatures. Sadly, in the equine industry, this sort of relationship is not a common practice. This type of appreciation is very rare and abuse is something we witness every day. Tragic, don’t you agree?!

All horses should have a chance to live and they deserve the best treatment because they represent the other part of self and when we are open to them, they bring us back to our deeper self (Mother Hildegard George, “The Tao Of Horses: Reflection”).

It is very clear that the horses from this video filmed at Equinisity Retreats, are happy and they run free as a herd, looking natural and awesome. This magical land offers re-connection, re-vitalization, and healing.

It is a great opportunity for personal and universal vibration and a great example of how all horses should live. Enjoy the video!

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