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Shoeing William Is Impossible – Farrier Trauma! Video Below!

William the horse has trauma from the past and no farrier can shoe him because of that. His owner shared William’s sad story, saying that after many years of training a trustworthy farrier tried to shoe William at his front feet. They all hoped that he will succeed but the trauma caused by extreme farrier abuse is still there, and shoeing William might never be possible!

With almost full anesthesia they will probably manage to shoe this horse, because it is very desirable to shoe William’s front feet- he has fisures in the hoof. His owner has done all the trimming by himself and had no problems with that and that’s why he wanted to try with a farrier.

He choose a very reliable and highly experienced farrier who knew about William’s problems. They didn’t expect a lot and sadly, they had to give up because again it was impossible to show William. Maybe in future things will change and we hope for the best outcome!

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