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Suicide Race And Native American Encampment!

A long time ago, local Indians gathered at fishing sites during the salmon runs to harvest and dry a winter’s supply of fish, and after that, they wanted to celebrate. With all the fish they’ve collected they returned to their families and it was time for dance and traditional ceremonies. Those performances gave meaning to the spiritual life of the tribes!

Horse racing was one of those ceremonies. The animals were all decorated and in their finest trappings and during the display, there was betting. People tried to guess the outcome of the race and who would win and this tradition was passed on for generations. These days, we see horses competing in a suicide race, running down the hills and probably getting severe injuries.

It might seem like a race but also it might be considered as abuse. Unfortunately, people don’t care for the animals and just want to have fun. The truth is that it does not mean that it is fine just because it is a tradition. There are many ways to follow this tradition without hurting the horses. Find out more from the video!

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