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The World’s Tallest Racehorse Is 10 Inches Taller Than The Average Thoroughbred!

Holy Roller is the world’s biggest racehorse and there is no doubt about that as he stands 18.1 hands high. That’s 10 inches taller than the average thoroughbred so you get the picture, right?! Moreover, he is 300kg heavier than a normal racehorse which makes him one of the biggest racehorses of all time!

On the day of his birth, it was clear that he was a big colt and his poor mother was exhausted after the birth process, according to the owner. No one believed that he will make it and the vets didn’t hope a lot. However, Holy Roller proved the opposite and his owner decided to get a trainer for his big horse.

Under the supervision of Jack and Bob Ingham, two professional trainers, Holy Roller started training. It came as a big surprise when this horse began to compete and he did an excellent job. His balance was incredible and he knew exactly where to put his feet.

His racing career amazed everyone, especially those who did not believe in him. He was a gentle giant and an impressive competitor. According to his jockey, it wasn’t possible to have a clear view because this horse was very big, so he had to stand up and look over the horse’s head in order to see the course. Larry Cassidy shared that when you are on Holy Roller’s back and you look down to other riders, they all look like riding ponies. Share the memory of Holy Roller and go riding!

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