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Ways Your Horse Says “I LOVE YOU”

Sharing love with a horse is a blessing and those who have experienced it know exactly what that love means. It is a life-changing experience as these creatures are able to offer something which we can’t find anywhere else. Their love is unique and all you need to do is take care of them like they deserve!

They are big animals, but gentle and they have their special way to show us their affection. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways your horse says “I love you”. Remember the moment when your horse sees you and starts whinnying? That means that he was eager to see you and spent time with you. That’s love!

Or how about when you get closer to him and he nuzzles you? That’s him telling you that he’ll be always there for you no matter what. The horse who loves you doesn’t mind the hugs you are giving to him and he likes to rest his head on your chest.

They also know how to give kisses and show you their unconditional love when you want to get them across obstacles. If your horse runs towards you whenever you call its name, that’s love and it means that he is happy to see you. Amazing photos below!

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