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Emaciated Foal And Its Mum Rescued By A Neighbor! Amazing Transformation!

It is so good to know that there are still people who are ready to show their kindness and make this world a better place for animals. Thanks to them we believe that there is still hope for humanity.

This story will dissappoint you at the start as it is not very pleasant to hear that a foal and its mother were locked up in a barn and were not allowed to go out. Outrageous, don’t you agree?! Well, we were also sorry to hear that, but what happened next brought some positive vibes.

A neighbor noticed that something was wrong and got concerned about the horses’ health. The problem was that he was not the owner and could not handle the situation from his position. One day, the foal and its mum escaped and got out, and the neighbor could finally help them. He took a photo of the neglected horses and sent it to RVR Horse Rescue in Riverview, Florida.

Timmy the foal was in serious trouble because he could barely walk. The poor horse was terribly emaciated and malnourished and that’s why it was urgent to provide him with proper treatment. The two horses were taken to RVR Horse Rescue’s facility where they were treated in the best way possible.

Seeing them saved and transformed really warms our hearts. Take care of horses and go riding!

Tiny Tim from Shawn Jayroe – RVR Horse Rescue on Vimeo.

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