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Draft Horses Treated Like Slaves And Sent To Slaughterhouses In Japan!

Unfortunately, we got a terrible story to tell about draft horses being taken to Japan where they are being slaughtered. When you start watching the video below you’ll get the impression that it is a breed demonstration, but it’s certainly not!

These poor creatures are going straight to a slaughterhouse as soon as they get off that truck. Sadly, the only thing we could do is to raise awareness and stop this terrible practice. Horses deserve a better treatment and more appreciation. They are our companions and pets, our best friends and partners.

It breaks our hearts to see this sort of actions happening because horses have always been there for us, helping in good and bad times. Giving them freedom is what they at least deserve, but these people seem to not care about these great animals.

They just transport them from one cage to another making their lives miserable and unhappy. We feel obligated to post this video and make a change. All of their lives horses have given their best to please humans and seeing them end up like this is a disgrace for mankind. Make a change, raise awareness and lets build a better world for animals!

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Posted by Ranchero Conocido on Sunday, December 3, 2017

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