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Incredible Video: Knabstrupper Horses Are A Stunning Creation!

Knabstrupper is a horse breed we’ve all heard about because these amazing horses are popular for their unusual range of coat coloration. It is a Danish breed and Knabstruppers stand around 15.2 to 16 hands. Moreover, these horses can also have the size of a pony.

What makes them really unique is their coat. It is truly one of a kind and it ranges from solid to a full leopard spotted coat. There are many variants in between and that’s why Knabstruppers are so loved by riders.

It all started in Denmark a long time ago, but what happened later changed a lot. The breed was crossbred with other horses and it is hard to tell if there are any purebreds left from this extraordinary breed.

Knabstruppers are used in general riding because they are very calm and smooth by nature. They are also great in dressage and show jumping. One thing is for sure, they look like dream horses and you’ll enjoy while watching the video below.

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