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How Bits Can Cause Unnecessary Pain To Horses

Nobody would like to keep a piece of metal on his mouth while he is walking and that is because we are human beings and we can judge what is right or wrong, think what to do and also listen in order to act. But there are cases when we have our own minds and we do not listen to anybody but just act our minds. Have you ever walked a long way wearing shoes that were too small? It surely must have hurt a lot. Now you have got an idea how a horse feels in the wrong bit and you might understand why he reacts so badly or he has a hard way doing what you ask of him to do.

Finding the right bit for your horse is not only vital to his health and comfort, it is essential for effective communication and to your overall success. How do we know that we have the wrong bit on our horse? There
are these 5 signs that tell us:

1. HEAD TOSSING: Your horse throws his head up and down or from side to side at a standstill or when you cue him to move forward, backward, or turn. 

2. BRIDLE EVASION: Your horse avoids being bridled by lifting his head up, refusing to open his mouth for the bit, or backing away.

3. CHOMPING ON THE BIT: Your horse chomps or grinds on the bit while standing still, in motion, or both.

4. BRACES AGAINST THE BIT: Your horse consistently feels heavy on his front end and braces against the bit at a jog or lope or when you ask him to stop.

5. POOR WORK ETHIC: Your horse consistently has a bad attitude when it comes to work. He may pin his ears, wring his tail, or refuse to move off your leg pressure.

All these signs indicate that the bit may be the wrong size. It may be smaller or bigger than it should be and you need to find the proper one in order that the horse acts on your words and gestures. They also might cause pain which does not let the horse perform at its best and it could develop chips or sharp edges over time that are irritating your horse’s mouth. Be careful and watch over your horse as they are our best friends and part of the family!

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