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Little Girl Tamed A Wild Horse And Now They Are Best Friends! Video Below!

The little girl from this story did something incredible, although she is only 10-years-old. Ella managed to tame a terrified horse who was caught running on a California freeway. She showed everyone that when you love something or someone so much everything is possible!

The trainers who tried to handle the wild horse find it difficult to accomplish their goal and it seemed impossible to change that horse’s behavior. It was a big challenge for everyone to deal with the horse who was named Dixie and as one of the trainers said, she didn’t want to come near people at all. Dixie would just stand at the very back of the stall and when the trainer tried to ride her she went into a rodeo-style routine.

The beautiful horse got extremely defensive and the family who adopted her thought that they’ve made a mistake when they met Dixie. However, something amazing happened when their daughter and Dixie saw each other for the first time. It was a unique and immediate connection and it looked like the horse knew that Ella was going to take good care of her. At first, it wasn’t easy for Ella, but with lots of patience and love, they’ve become best friends. Enjoy the video!

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