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Hempfling – Horsemanship With Breeding Stallion In Extreme Situation!

There are points when really good horses with a strong character which are really dangerous end up in the slaughterhouse because no one is able to handle them. Naranjero, an eleven-year-old sire, is considered extremely dangerous and is to be auctioned off.

That is where Hempfling comes into the stage. He is the master and he is the one who takes over. There is clarity from the beginning, he is friendly but decided to deal with this stallion, always being safe and maintaining a clear distance to the horse. He doesn’t tease him, he clarifies to the stallion to let go of control and surrender to trust and allow guidance. It’s what horses do with each other, too. They use body language that sets a framework so that the stallion can understand what’s of most benefit to him.

Most stallions are very aggressive and act the way this one is. It takes special people who understand them to accept their innate breeding rituals while gently teaching the stallion how to behave so he doesn’t get hurt and doesn’t hurt the mare or any handlers. We can see nature in motion.

As the video progresses, trust through dominance and clearness is shown. Hempfling says, “Am I afraid to stand between an excited stallion and a mare in season? Horses teach me to live in the here and now and always to be alert.” The simplest gesture Hempfling makes becomes a language and he demands continuous attention through body language. Enjoy the video for more.

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