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The Black Beauty From Our Dreams And The World’s Most Handsome Horse! Video Below!

There is no doubt that horses are majestic creatures and each one of them has its own story. Their appearance is breathtaking and people are amazed by their shiny coats and powerful bodies. Horse lovers dream about having a horse to whom they are going to dedicate every day of their lives. They all have their favorite horse breed, but horse from this video is probably loved by all!

Meet Frederik the Great, a Friesian Stallion who looks like a normal horse, but only until he turns his head around. At that point, you’ll realize that this is the world’s most handsome horse. With a team of other purebred stallions, Frederik lives at Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks.

Friesian stallions are well-known for their shiny black coats, and long, silky manes and tails which are often wavy. They are big size horses and the moment you see Frederik the Great you’ll remember the movies with gorgeous horses and knights in shiny armor. Moreover, he’ll remind you of a fairytale because of his stunning appearance.

Luckily, there is still a man who does the impossible to save this breed from extinction and that’s Frederik’s breeder, Stacy Nazario. So far, she is doing a great work and Frederik is the proof of that. He is the Black Beauty from our dreams and we are grateful to Stacy for making so many efforts. Enjoy the video and go riding!

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