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Funny Young Boy Struggling With His Horse! Hilarious Video!

Horses have a mind of their own and sometimes they have ideas that don’t match with their owner’s plan. There are times when your horse will simply not want to respond to your commands and will refuse to do anything that’s against its will. Every single horse often acts stubborn as that is in its nature and you must understand that if you want to establish a strong connection with your animal.

The following video is hilarious, so prepare yourself for a good laugh. The young boy is Alex and it is his duty to take his horse out in the pasture, but the horse does not want to get out. Alex tried really hard to finish the job and he pulled the rope, but the horse did the same thing making things hard for the young boy. It was a struggle for Alex and the horse was taking the lead and you’ll probably imagine a giant horse pulling from the other side…

Without a doubt, the hidden horse was overpowering Alex, but anyway he decided to go out and when that happens you’ll be surprised by the size of the horse. It is a mini-draft horse and that’s why everyone started to laugh out loud. Its name is Bucky and you’ll agree that he is an adorable little guy. The two of them are great friends and love spending time together. Enjoy the video and go riding!

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