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This Horse Saved Her And Gave Her Strength To Carry On! Miracle Story!

Sometimes people are not able to find a reason to live, a purpose that will lead them to a better life, a goal that will keep them going through life without stopping. For those people, it is really difficult to go on living because everything around them falls apart and loses its meaning. This is a story about a woman who decided to leave this world because she had given up on everything and lost her faith.

It seemed that nothing could help Phyllis Olson to make up her mind and go on with her life…until she got Shang-Ra, an Arabian stallion. This woman had fled home because of an abusive surrounding and it seemed that she had no luck in life because soon after she got married they’ve divorced. Moreover, Phyllis had lost her children and ended up on the streets. She became an alcoholic and spent some time in prison.

With the money she had earned there, Phyllis bought a horse after she got out of prison. That’s how she took Shang-Ra, a horse with a difficult past and very similar with Phyllis. It wasn’t easy for her to establish a connection with Shang-Ra as he was a total mess. Her horse had the saddest brown eyes, he was skinny little horse but together they’ve managed to heal and proceed with their lives. It was a real miracle for both of them and the love for each other has improved their perspectives. Horses can save lives, don’t you agree?! Video below!

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