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Horse Bites His Trainer Because He Was Not Comfortable With The Excessive Petting! Video Below!

You have to learn the horses’ language in order to read them and recognize their needs. While working with horses accidents are inevitable, especially if you can’t read these incredible creatures. Most of the riders have been kicked by a horse and a number of them have experienced an injury such as broken arm or leg. Unfortunately, these accidents usually are associated with injuries as horses are big and powerful animals.

Moreover, these accidents happen very fast and most riders don’t have time to react and protect themselves from the worst scenario. Sudden attacks are unpredictable and usually are a consequence of mistreatment. In this video, you’ll see an unhappy horse attacking his trainer. The trainer probably missed the main indication and didn’t notice that the horse had pinned ears. He was clearly showing that he is being uncomfortable and he bit the trainer.

He made a flash attack towards the trainer because he was not enjoying it at all being rubbed down. The trainer did a great job, but still, he would have to ease up on the petting because the horse doesn’t like excessive petting. We don’t have all the details about this situation and we can’t say with certainty that it was the trainer’s fault. However, one thing is sure that lowering the horse’s head is proven not to relax the horse. Watch the video for more!

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Posted by Maragata Polo on Thursday, February 22, 2018

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