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Two-Months-Old Foal Being Naughty! Video Below!

Nelson is a 9-week-old baby horse that behaves like a bad boy. He is naughty and is getting up to all sorts of mischief which you are about to see in the video footage beneath this text!

As you can see he is probably losing his baby coat and that’s the reason why he looks a bit wooly. Nelson is starting to get darker mostly around his eyes and his back, and just like every other baby, he loves to play. In this video he is running around, bucking and having fun, and the guy who filmed the video thought that Nelson wanted to bite him. So, he put his hand in front of Nelson’s face, but the foal didn’t like that and he reared.

Clearly, Nelson has got his own moments and he is a naughty young horse that loves to play and hang out in the pasture. He is following his mum all the time, although it looks like he is sneaking while she is taking a walk with her handler. It shows that Nelson is more than just curious, but that doesn’t mean that he is out of control. He is just young and enjoys his freedom. Take care of horses and go riding!

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