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Abusive Rider Treats His Pony Like A Slave! Raise Awareness!

Apparently, there are many things that have to be watched in this video. At first, it seems like just another video where the rider is showing his riding skills and in this one, a woman is riding her pony. Unfortunately, she is considered abusive to the horse as she does so many wrong things and the guy who made this video can’t even cover them all!

As he said, he hates making this videos, but he feels obligated to raise awareness because horses like this one don’t have future if we don’t protect them. His owner is abusive and if that goes on this poor animal will not make it. This video doesn’t glorify violence and it was strictly done for the purpose of education and of course, critique.

Horses don’t deserve to be treated like this under any circumstances. Even if they are not listening to your commands or are not responsive, you should not use methods like this rider. Owning and riding a horse is a matter of partnership and unconditional love, but this rider acts like a slave owner and that’s something we should not tolerate. Horses are not our slaves, they have souls and need to be loved and respected. Feel free to share this video and raise awareness!

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