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This Is What Happens When You Train A Smart Horse! Hilarious Video!

Horses are amazing, but sometimes they do things which we can’t predict as they have a mind on their own. That’s why it is difficult to be a horse trainer and always notice what’s hidden around the corner. The horse’s actions may surprise you and most of the time the only thing you can do is to smile and move on!

The video below is hilarious and will put a smile on your face for sure. As you can see the trainer was trying to teach his horse to pass and jump obstacles, but it looks like the horse has some other ideas. What he does is really amazing and shows how smart this animal is. At first, he follows the trainer’s commands but then stops in front of the hurdle and after a quick-thinking, he decides not to jump. Instead of that the horse removes all the obstacles and brings them down.

Clearly, he found a better way to finish the job with less effort and the trainer can only smile and laugh at that. Why jump the obstacles when you can simply remove them?! Hilarious we must say and also a big surprise as we didn’t expect to see this happening. What an incredible spirit these animals have! Enjoy the video.

Jumping or Stretching ?

#MercrediCestPoney | PegaseBuzzQuand tu pensais faire cours de CSO et que ton coach t'annonce qu'en fait, c'est cours de barres au sol.

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